Euro 2016 Betting Tips: Sad to spoil the party

I trust you’ve been eagerly awaiting for the kick-off of European Championship 2016 football tournament in France but if it goes as we plan you won’t be enjoying a goal fiesta just now. A new competition format is in place making it possible for half of European countries to participate in the tournament. While I’m sure many nations are thrilled with this, majority of football fans won’t find such setup very encouraging or enjoyable to watch. What are you on about you say? Well, suffice to say that with 3 points and same number of scored and allowed goals team gas an 87% chance to make it through. Yes, that’s the official math. You can imagine just how many Chelsea-like teams will be on the tournament.


As good as Chelsea

As good as Chelsea


It’s safe to presume that teams will not be pushing like crazy to score goals in the Group Stage especially those that made it through the qualifiers based on rock solid defence. Which takes us to, you guess right, Romania! These guys allowed two (!) goals in 10 matches played during qualifiers which is a record worth admiring. And betting on.

I will also presume that Romanian coach Anghel Iordanescu is sane enough to look for his chance against Switzerland and Albania than try to upset hosts in the opening game of the tournament. Sit back and enjoy the party I say. Try a counter or two if you insist but that’s about it.

The pressure is on home side which is bursting with power but we can’t expect a thrashing tonight.


Minimum win for France in my books and I am surely picking Under 2.5 goals @ 1.88 with Take it while it lasts.